Hamburg (A General Analysis of Our Weekend Away)

28 Sep

Hamburg is an interesting city. But in general it was a giant reminder not to travel with too many girls and that travel companions, like room mates and boyfriends must be chosen with care. Just because you adore you’re friend that doesn’t mean her bossy boot nature won’t drive you slowly insane until you wake up in a mental institution handcuffed to the bed.

That didn’t exactly happen but my patience certainly wore thin until I said with a false smile that one of companions had a thing called “fucking free will” and if she didn’t want to do something to say so and go do her own thing. Because just saying “oh really you would want to do that? really? you’d enjoy that?” is patronizing. There is no point in trying to be liked by only giving your opinions in passive aggressive ways. Sometimes I feel like I’m in high school. In general I love everyone here but when you’re thrown together 24/7 everyone tries to be tactful over honest and it’s tiring. Just cut the crap and save us all some time.

Wow that was an unexpected rant.

I do have to say disliking only 3 people out of 55 is pretty lucky. So most of the time it works out well. I certainly improved my travel relations in Gothenburg by going with Aussies. If they didn’t want to do the same thing, they nicked off. Easy peasy. Damn I love an Australian.

The service is pretty shocking here too but I tend to accept it when I don’t speak the language. I have English-speaker’s guilt.

I was happy as hell to get some weisswurst. Just thinking about them makes me hungry. Weisswurst is a sausage you eat with mustard. It’s from Bavaria (an area around Munich)  so I wasn’t expecting it here and frankly I was feeling bitter about that. So when I found it in the first cafe I went to, it made my day!

Weisswurst Om nom nom

We were really lucky that Hamburg was having a festival the weekend we arrived.

Hamburg festival

Market stalls circled the lake and we slowly made our way around eating chocolate strawberries and drinking capirinhas. I have to say I love the German habit of offering several chocolate-covered strawberries on sticks at the markets. One really is never enough.

Taking a moment to gorge on choc strawberries. I've already eaten mine.

The beautiful weather really made this a fun day. There were live bands all over the shop and I’ve decided every band playing outdoors needs one old crazy guy dancing with his arms and legs flailing. I swear there was one at every stage. We were lucky to catch a rockabilly act called Pfeffer while we were wandering around. I love 50s/60s rock n roll and it was awesome being able to hear it live. They were pretty damn good too. One of their songs ‘In the Ghetto’ is still playing in my head when I walk around Brabrand  (since I apparently live in the ghetto). Unfortunately it’s only the title line that’s playing on repeat so I’d really like a different tune now!

After their act we wandered around before heading to Tapame. A tapas restaurant that was soooooooo yummy. I’ve falled in loved with tocino (bacon wrapped dates) they are incredible!


The cocktails are bad either.

All in all…I am now officially hungry!

I’m off to get a feed!


Hamburg: Unsicht or Blind Bar

28 Sep

Look I’ve finally found the time to update. I’m actually waiting for a package so you can thank UPS ad it’s unreliable delivery hours for this. I’m getting a kindle and I have little people dancing in my brain I am that excited. But anyway, I am going to put 10,000 posts on now about my recent trips because it is about bloody time. So here it goes.

This was an amazing experience and pretty nerve wrecking. You are served by blind waiters and led to the table in the pitch dark. My friends kept swapping wine by accident. You don’t know what you’re going to eat. You choose a menu based on vaguely poetic phrases and at the end you find out what you’ve eaten.

The actual menu!

Your senses are certainly heightened and we had fun trying to work out what we were eating. They  made some weird concoctions. The salad had kiwi fruit grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes and a host of random vegetables. The food wasn’t great but it wasn’t inedible and it is all about the experience. It’s funny how open everyone is when they can’t see the other person! At one stage, one of my friends grabbed anothers leg by mistake. For some reason, one of the others felt the need to scream  along with her and the poor waiters were  given the fright of their life!

If you’re in Hamburg, you should definitely try this. It’s the perfect locations for a little truth and dare. Well, at least the truth part.

Observations and other random notes

26 Sep

I seem to be a binge poster. I have so much to update you on it’s slightly overwhelming. But I will tackle this mountain and make it to the otherside! This post will jump all over the place because this is just going to be a stream of consciousness exercise. Be patient, I’m sure it will make sense if you really try to work it out.

Before I start talking about my trips to Hamburg and Gothenburg, how about I talk about how life is going here?

It’s freaking brilliant! end of story.

I love Denmark and being able to cycle everywhere is bliss. There are fuseball machines in every bar and lolly stores seems to clog up most of Scandinavia.

Last night, we found an amazing music venue called musicafeen. Since Aarhus is Denmark’s music capital, it’s slightly ridiculous I haven’t seen any live music. The band was amazing but it was the last set for the night so we soon headed of the Ris Ras. It’s a french style bar. It even has a red tabac sign outside. I have to admit it pulls it out very well. It even has the downstairs design perfected – ridiculously steep and narrow stairs, stone walls, random posters…the works. The only unexpected addition is the compulsory fuseball table.

I’ve had a really great weekend discovering new places. Yesterday I took a back way into town because I was heading to the beautician’s and I found a whole new part of town. And that part of town had not one but TWO cafes with gluten free sandwiches. Can you believe it?! I was tempted to get one from each but I held back. I also found a comic bookstore (once again self restraint was needed) and a cool bar called Rarbar that serves delicious nachos. Om nom nom.

I’m so in love with this area, I am taking the back route every time I’m heading to the city from home!

Now for something completely different.


I love the school here but I do wish we had lighter equipment. It makes the constant deadlines that much harder when you’re carrying (needlessly) large cameras around town via THE BUS. It hurts. Alot.

I feel like we are constantly on deadline and I’d like more of a break but to be honest, if it was print it would fine. But its the lugging shit everywhere that makes it so annoying. I don’t think I’m cut for cameras. Give me the written word any day.

I’ve decided to do my doco on Cosplay so fingers crossed someone will do it with me because it’s going to be amazing! I can’t wait to see all the costumes!

Now for quick topic change again!

Next week is my birthday! I’m turning 24 which is rather depressing. I’d really like to stop the aging process right now. I’m happy to sit on 24 until I’m 80. I won’t say forever because forever would get very boring.

I am getting further away from my childhood and I want to bring it back so we’re going to a kids playcentre. We can do mini-golf, sumo wrestling and big slides too! I’m so damn excited. The fact it is next door to my college, Skullhole makes it even better! Yippee!

Anyway I’ll keep you posted on everything. I’ll try and post about Hamburg and Gothenburg tonight.

All my love,


P.S This is a blog for fun so I’m lazy about editing. I hate reading bad edits so my apologies for annoying you but I guess I’m a hypocrite.

London: Inamo, The Coolest Restaurant on Earth

8 Sep

I’m a total geek. Sitting in class yesterday, watching myself be interviewed on camera reminded me of exactly how dorky I am ( the glasses really didn’t help).But that’s okay. I’ve accepted my status. I love gadgets, the novel and the quirky. And that’s why I’m crazy about this restaurant in Soho. It calls itself an “interactive Oriental fusion restaurant and bar” and my inner geek freaked out when C took me here.

It wasn’t the scrumptious Asian fusion food that made my heart beat faster. It wasn’t the yummy cocktails either (although they were really really good). It was the fact our tables were computers.

With pendulum lights that work as projectors you use a little touch mouse to sort through drinks and food before ordering via the computer. Being show pictures on the food on your plate also make choosing the food a lot easier. It was so much fun choosing what to eat that I’m grateful the restaurant served food tapas-style because I could keep ordering to my heart’s content!

Om nom nom

When the novelty wore off (around the same time that my stomach was stuffed full of “oriental fusion” goodness) we played battle ships and memory games. Sadly, C sunk my battleships without mercy.  And when the novelty of being crushed by C’s ruthless tactics wore off, I decided to waste time spying on the chefs via the video feed.

I spy with my little eye

This is place is really perfect for first dates. The computer gives you something to chat about but if you’re sick of listening to your companion you can always start ignoring them and play a few solo games. The easy access to the alcohol menu would also be of use here!

Anyway I better go do other things so ta for now!

Paris: Prescription Bar

31 Aug

After many a Kir at Bar du Marche (there is an accent in that name I just don’t want to put it in) my friend brought me to a relatively new cocktail club that opened up in my old  haunting ground.

It’s called Prescription because during prohibition you could only get alchohol if you had a prescription. I’m not sure what it was supposed to cure but I know my sister loves a hot totty (whisky drink) when she has a cold so maybe it can save you while simultaneously damaging your liver.

Anyway, it’s a pretty cute joint with a relaxed vibe, decently priced well-made cocktails (a miracle in Paris). It’s trendy but not pretentious (another miracle). It’s cocktails are all inspired by the good ol’ days so expect more masculine drinks than girly appletinis. Think cocktails based on rum, whisky and strong flavours. I hear their punch is delicious but I chose the Zombie (a secret concoction of God knows what).

I’m a huge fan of this place for a few quiet catch up drinks. You won’t meet anyone new here…then again this is Paris, the meat market city, so I won’t place any guarantees on that.

If you want to stop by head to Rue de Mezzanine 6e Metro Odeon.

Paris: Bar Du Marche

30 Aug

In Paris, there is one bar I’ve always adored. Bar du Marche. I have so many amusing memories there and it never changes. Just the name makes me want to roll my eyes at its cheesy meat market atmosphere and giggle at the same time.

Man, the sheer amount of kir I’ve imbibed there is mind-boggling.

It always has a great vibe at nights because they only leave one red light on which gives the place an intimate blush. Like Kings Cross, it loses it’s allure during the day. Always loved the men’s uniform (think clown-inspired overalls and newspaper boy caps).

If you get time, I demand you go there for a tipple. You can even top it off with the rather bizarre frankfurt and chip dish. Either way you will make a friend or two here.

Surprisingly Tasty

Corner of Rue de Seine and Rue de Buci, 6e

Metro Mabillon

Aarhus Festival: The Town Is Reborn

30 Aug

During August, Aarhus has an annual festival and I’ve never since a town wake up like Aarhus. There are people everywhere enjoying the food stalls and free music at all hours. Even the sun has decided to show up.

This is a pretty poor representation of the whole thing but you get the drift.

A mini forest has been set up near the centre where people can relax on little mole hills. There are a ridiculous amount of pirates (there may also be ninjas but if they are there, they’re hiding like good ninjas) and there bands playing everywhere. Would you believe even the Venga bus is stopping by?!

I think the most exciting part for me was satiating my red meat craving with chilli con carne from a food stall but watching the Ginger Ninjas and sitting by the river people repeatedly fall over inside Zorbies were definitely up there.

Actually I’ve changed my mind. My favourite part was finding a fake elvis performing while I was out shopping for a computer gear.

He's alive!

I do love rock ‘n’ roll. In fact I think it was the first music genre I fell in love with.

Australians have also been out in force for this festival with a puppets that are downright frightening in size. The greatest moment was watching a 2-3 metre tall puppet rub its ass on a car during a parade. Class.

Sadly my videos will have to wait for another time when I’ve finally mastered video conversion and the interweb.

Well well well fancy seeing you here!

30 Aug

Yes it’s been ages. But the truth is I have been writing blog posts! They’ve just been in my mind. I look forward to the day the mind-to-paper device is created.

I guess I’ll start with an update of my life and then backtrack completely to various events. So good? That was rhetorical. You’re vote doesn’t count but the thought does! The following ramble will hopefully make some sense but this will really be a stream of consciousness so please try to keep up.

I’m back living in the ghetto and I’ve accepted my life living in an abyss. I haven’t accepted the saturday trek home, my two-stove kitchen or my shower corner. I nearly made the mistake of living in false contentment because, hey, if I live in the middle of nowhere then I’m paying less rent right? Wrong my friend lives between the school and the city centre in a massive apartment complete with real kitchen AND oven. And she pays less rent. Woe is me!

At least the people who have to suffer with me are cool and that really is the most important part. After all, misery loves company!

My room-mate is a girl called Hana from Yemen. She is sweet, very cool, quietly confident and very pro-women. Plus she can cook up delicious meals which I always appreciate! She is what you would call an old soul and I haven’t quite been able to grasp the fact she is a year younger than me. Sometimes I delude myself into considering myself an adult but she is a firm reminder I’m no wise woman just yet.

I’ve been rather lucky in the fact that I really like everyone in the course (and I’m not just saying that because this will be published on the interweb). In fact, I like the people who live with me in Skullhole (our ghetto) so much I managed to cook them dinner on a 2 stove top kitchen. That is dedication. Especially since I was making a Japanese feast!

I’m pretty much living on Japanese food at the moment. We have no heating facilities at the school so I have to eat leftovers that are completely foul cold (sorry, curry). I think I’ve pretty much earned the reputation of being that girl who wears hats a lot (thanks to constant helmet hair) and eats ridiculous amounts of Japanese even though she has no relation to the country.  But that’s ok because I got to show off my skills and look really worldly.

I even introduced my friend Orla to Japanese for the first time and Hana to tofu. The idea of not knowing tofu is completely foreign to an aussie but I’m not sure if she liked it.

The part that really went down a treat was the melted chocolate with marshmallows and strawberries. I love making this desert for people. It’s so lazy but it always hits everyone’s sweet-spot.

On a completely different note, I love my new school. The facilities are amazing. We are working on a profile at the moment and we got to do voiceovers today in a mini tv studio. I never realised how much I love listening to myself nor how posh I sound when I have my drama voice on. As Orla would say, it was grand!

Anyway I might end this post here before I exhaust you with my mind-boggling subject changes.

Tata for now or Hej Hej as we say in Denmark.

Aarhus: Pottering around town

4 Aug

The theatre

For Hugh. Gourmet coffee shop...

The fanciest G-Star of all time

Bag: A Love Story

4 Aug

The more I write, the more my thoughts start to become a running commentary. I think of how I would describe what I’m doing and my observations. It’s a disturbing habit. It’s also an annoying one because I can never recall my observation when I finally sit down to write them out.

I need a dictaphone and a slave to write the transcripts. But slavery aside, I’ve found love. It’s a classic Danish design. It could fit my laptop and it’s oh so practical and a little folky-preppy. It’s everything I dream of in a bag. I need it. It is possibly I will never be able to live a fully realised life without it (I’m not sure what that really means but it’s so terrible!)

Sorry the photo has that annoying tag but I wasn’t intended to rant about it. But I couldn’t resist!

I should add a photo of the bag I actually did buy. It’s a backpack known as the Kanken. M told me about them a while ago and since I am ridiculously fussy when it comes to the backpack, it’s nice to see a design I can actually afford. Apparently they are a Scandinavian classic. When I left the shop I did notice several (i.e. 2) people wearing them. If only I could have gotten it in a better colour…

I thought I would just stick these DJ Bears in for no reason. So you cute!